On the Shores of Vax'Rodan

Now with more dogs!

We met again last Sunday and had a good, if short session with Cyranius, Flax, Orben, and Tristanni.

We opened on Cyranius meeting with Krisiries Urthadar to discuss the circumstances of her missing child, Gulthdar. He was taken during the night, and she was convinced it was due to hostility toward her being a Half-Orc in a leadership position on the Captain’s Congress in Wavecrest. During the abduction, Krisiries had chased the attackers across town, but lost them in the town square.

During the discussion, the rest of the group arrived and were brought up to speed on the situation. A search of the boy’s room revealed a pendant apparently left behind by the kidnappers. Krisiries’ friend Lily pocketed the item and left a cryptic note asking Cyranius to meet her at her shop to discuss it.

On their way to the shop, the guild decided to escalate their response to dealing with the party and literally released the hounds against them; however, the party’s response was not as good-natured as the last meeting, and they quickly dispatched the guilders, but not without Flax taking a thorough thrashing. The quick actions of Orben were the decisive factor is saving his life. While Tristanni and Cyranius resolved their situation by magic and sword. Their bloody business completed, Cyranius set to searching the bodies and found one to be branded with his guilder rank over his heart.

Continuing on, Cyranius met with Lily and found out about the nature of the pendant. She said that there has been a rising tide of magical energies in the region of Wavecrest. The symbol on the pendant is one that is tied to the Cult of Orcus. This combined with the rumours of things going bump in the night has led Lily to ask Cyranius and crew to help look into the rise in mystical occurrences and the potential ties to the Cult of Orcus and report back to her with any information about what’s going on.

After heading back to their “Base of Operations” at the Sandy Shores, the party enjoyed a round of drinks on the house and began to discuss what they thought they should do next about their situation.

The Party Gathers

As night began to fall on the village of Wavecrest, Trist, Flax, and Tordek made their way into town carrying the unconscious form of Tsav to the nearest Healer’s House. Parting ways for the evening, Trist made her way to the quiet little Sandy Shores Tavern and Inn where she met Bangor and Bilma Forgehammer, the proprietors. Hearing of their problems with their business from Orben, the only real regular they have, she decided to assist in exchange for room and board.
Upon hearing of the plight of her compatriot, Tsav, Orben enlisted the help of Father Mackenzie from the town temple, and after a rude greeting at the hands of the Acolyte Victor at the temple, set off to the Healer’s House to assist in his healing.
Arriving at the Healer’s House, Orben’s attempt to practice his divine magics in his drunken stupor upon Tsav went quite well, all things considered. His healing energies spilled over from Tsav and imparted healing upon a nearby Dragonborn named Cyranius as well.
After this, Trist and her merry band decided to return to the Sandy Shores while Cyranius remained at the Healer’s House. On their way back to the inn, the party was ambushed by some local members of “The Guild” for what seemed to Orben to be a routine shakedown. The newcomers, however, were less accommodating. Combat ensued and blood was shed, but no one died thanks to quick thinking on Trist’s part, as she put the majority of the Guilders to sleep and the party made a quick escape to the Inn.
The next morning, while the larger group was deciding what to do over breakfast, having been reunited with Flax who had also boarded at the Sandy Shores for the night, Cyranius made his way to the Marshal Station to retrieve his confiscated weapon. There he met head Marshall Talorian Ardor’e and heard of the kidnapping of the child of one of the members of the Captains’ Congress, Krisiries Urthadar, by cloaked figures in the night. Accepting this quest, Cyranius set off to find Captain Urthadar and render whatever aid he could.
Deciding more information about this tyranical Guild was needed, the rest of the group headed to a local shop for some supplies before wanting to head to what they’d heard was a local Guild hotspot, the Pregnant Seahorse.
While shopping for their wares at the Gilded Stay, Flax managed to offend a patron, the shopkeeper, Henry Forthwright, and mountain-of-a-man guild leader Hadrek, who came into the shop to exact his “guild tax” on Henry. Flax’s shenanigans cost Henry DOUBLE TAX and his finest countertop, but after a kindness from Orben, the counter was fixed and Henry helped set the group straight on exactly “how things worked” in Wavecrest. He explained that there were two people who led the Guild in town, Hadrek was the brawn, but Niana was the brains. She ran the Pregnant Seahorse tavern in the marina district. Armed with this new information, the group decided maybe they needed a little more muscle of their own, and went to seek out the Dragonborn they had met the day previously.
Knowing that he had needed to go to the Marshal Station, they inquired after him there, but when they met with the head Marshal, Orben had another idea. He told the Marshal that he had found a group that would help him to get rid of his problem with the Guild once and for all! The others balked at this idea, and the Marshal, too, was skeptical, but he did tell them where they could find the Dragonborn, should they choose to assist in the matter of the kidnapped child. The party thanked him for his help and set off to find one who they hoped would help them in their efforts in the village.

Adventure Awaits!

Hello, everyone!

We had a really fun session last night! 4 of our heroes, Trist, Flax, Tsav, and Tordek, met on a forest road near a graveyard and some mayhem ensued.

While Trist, Flax, and Tsav were travelling along, they decided to attack some poor, helpless owls, but in their haste to capture some dinner, they “accidentally” desecrated… I mean “disturbed”… some nearby graves. Well, the inhabitants of those graves were not too fond of the intrusion! The skeletons rose from their earthen tombs and attacked our hapless heroes!

In the ensuing fracas, Tsav fell unconscious due to the wounds delivered by the skeletons’ shortswords, and they turned their sights on the remaining members of the party, only to be forestalled by a new arrival.

Who should be travelling along the road, but Tordek, the half-orc barbarian? Seeing strangers in need, Tordek charged in to assist and was able to help keep the monsters at bay while Flax made an important discovery.

His whole life, Flax had trusted his blade to see him through, but as it was failing him this day (and he’d gone and tossed it somewhere again anyway), he wound back and punched the skeleton with his bare hand. This proved to be a very effective solution! Relying on his new found boxing skills, Flax bound across the battlefield and was able to subdue the remaining skeletons by decapitation, pinball-style.

The threat resolved, Trist requested the aid of Tordek in carrying the still unconscious form of Tsav the rest of the way to town. He acquiesced, and the party again set off toward the village of Wavecrest on the shores of Vax’Rodan.


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